My 2 Cents
Kansas Game

Commentary by David Max

Numb, surreal, sick, don't know what to say, unbelievable were all among the terms and phrases used to describe the record breaking game in Lawrence yesterday. Never in the history of Nebraska football has 48 points been scored against Nebraska in the first half or 76 in an entire game. When you think it can't get any worse, it does. Other than the fact that a Joe Ganz-led offense scored 39 points against a previously stingy Kansas defense there are no positives that can be taken from this game. It's a good thing the Kansas mascot is a bird instead of a horse or we might have killed him. Listen to this story by Dave Humm describing a similar situation he was in as a Raider player under John Madden. Sometimes you just need to laugh at your situation for mental health reasons.

I think it is safe to say that it is not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when" there is a change in the coaching staff. Whatever support the current staff had for being retained another year is gone with the latest record breaking performance on the field. The demands for resignations and rumors are flying all over the talk shows, bulletin boards, print and TV. Amongst all of this chatter is an interesting thread on the bulletin board making the case about Coach Callahan never "Becoming a Husker" and is summarized by this statement "I don't care that Callahan WASN'T a Nebraska guy... but that he ISN'T a Nebraska guy now." There is another thread called "Totality of the Evidence" started by a District Attorney that is 19 pages long with "evidence" why there should be new coaches in place at Nebraska ASAP. Whether it happens now or at the end of the season remains to be seen. It is just a matter of when.

Regardless of who is coaching the team this Saturday against Kansas State I will be there to root for the team and especially the seniors in their last home game in Memorial Stadium. I am sure none of them thought that their career at Nebraska would end by setting the wrong kind of records. They are still Nebraska players and will always be Nebraska players and deserve our support. We will have the Husker Nation tailgate at our same location as the other home games this season - under the pedestrian bridge that feeds into the north end zone by Lot 8. Johnny Rodgers will be there with action pictures to autograph. Another former Husker legend that will also be there is his teammate Willie Harper from the National Championship teams of '70 and '71. Parents of current players are also invited to stop by and meet Johnny and Willie and any other former player that stops by. You don't have to be a Husker Nation member to attend this tailgate. Just a Husker fan.

If you have decided you have had enough and would rather do yard work instead of going to the game this Saturday please consider donating your tickets to a veteran this Veteran's Day weekend. You can contact Larry Rempe at the Nebraska Book Store (lrempe@nebook.com or 800-627-0047) and he will make sure that your tickets go to a deserving Veteran. Larry is himself a Vietnam Vet. No need to "make a statement" by leaving your seat empty. The players deserve a full stadium for the entire game and loud applause when each senior is introduced this Saturday.

There are better days ahead and they will start coming the day a new coaching staff that is willing to "Become a Husker" is in place. That is when Nebraska will be Nebraska again. I can't wait.

Just my 2 cents. What about yours?