2018 Nebraska-Purdue stats matchup

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How do the Cornhuskers and Boilermakers match up statistically entering their Sept. 29th game in Lincoln? Here are the numbers.

• Advantage Purdue in 26 of 35 categories
• Average FBS rank: Purdue 68, Nebraska 87

Scoring Margin-18.67122+2.2578Pur
Total Offense353.67106483.5031Pur
Total Defense379.6774413.5095Neb
Turnover Margin-1.67126-0.5095Pur
Time of Possession29:038930:2968Pur
Yds Per Play4.701196.9719Pur
Opp. Yds Per Play5.24605.4975Neb
Pass Yds Per Att6.321058.3238Pur
Pass Completion %63.74%4167.97%23Pur
Passing TDs1.001002.0047Pur
Opp. Pass Yds Per Att6.54507.7088Neb
Opp. Pass Completion %63.74%11460.14%75Pur
Opp. Pass TDs1.67771.2543Pur
Rush Yds Per Att4.21805.3334Pur
Rush TDs1.33901.2593Neb
Opp. Rush Yds Per Att4.14713.6144Pur
Opp. Rush TDs2.331111.7583Pur
Total First Downs19.679320.5084Pur
Third Down Conv %33.36%10746.67%24Pur
Opp. Third Down Conv %36.99%6432.20%39Pur
Penalty Yds83.6712467.5094Pur
Sacks Given Up3.001082.2584Pur
Redzone Points Per Att4.301094.22115Neb
Redzone Scoring %80.18%9183.33%81Pur
Redzone TD Scoring %50.15%10844.44%121Neb
Opp. Redzone Points Per Att4.93704.4441Pur
Opp. Redzone Scoring %84.76%7483.33%67Pur
Opp. Redzone TD Scoring %61.66%6250.00%33Pur
KO Return Yds Per Att19.008819.0887Pur
Opp. KO Return Yds Per Att18.163429.33125Neb
Punt Return Yds Per Att0.201255.4097Pur
Opp. Punt Return Yds Per Att17.6711912.5096Pur
Punting Yds Per Att43.394042.3349Neb
Field Goal %59.88%9466.67%75Pur
Opp. Win % (SOS)56.64%1252.18%53Neb

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