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ST. PAUL GLOBE, Dec. 11, 1902

The Saint Paul Globe, December 11, 1902 FOOTBALL PLAYER MAY RECOVER Surgical Operation for Relief of Nebraska Man Is Performed - LINCOLN, Neb., Dec. 10. A surgical operation for the relief of Charles Shedd, left end on the Nebraska university football 'eleven, was performed at a local hospital ; this evening. - , : Shedd: was ; injured fin the game against the Haskell Indians on Nov. 1, sustaining a bruise in the groin, which has -since kept him in a r bed of pain. The \ surgeons "" decided : today that -an abscess had developed. The diagnosis was' correct, but the result of the operation is in: doubt from the fear that it * may be tubercular,*: in which event Shedd's-chances.are: slim. --' "7~f\u0094 ; Anthropometrical measurements taken by the special; doctor >at, the - uni- \u25a0 versity show that Shedd was', the most perfectly" developed individual : in',- the school. His .weight was 175 ,pounds, but he has ' now wasted away until he weighs less 'than 100.-;\u25a0,'\u25a0_.';, j:;:l~-l^--; gjThe injured player-was permitted to witness : the 'Thanksgiving^'gafrie|'\u25a0be-',, tween ;Nebraska and. -Northwestern, viewing it from the side lines, swathed in\ heavy.;, blankets, * and resting in }an \u25a0'\u25a0 invalid's chair. 1: rAfter".-the,game He jhad! a relapse and his |ph.^sichins*': have had misgivings concerning case for several. days.
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